Green Bay Packers Draft Preview 2014

Aug 27, 2020

The Green Bay Packers' Plan for the 2014 NFL Draft

As the 2014 NFL Draft approaches, the Green Bay Packers are diligently preparing to make the most out of their draft picks. With the goal of strengthening their roster for the upcoming season, the Packers' draft strategy involves identifying and selecting top talents that fit their team's needs.

Identifying Key Positions

The Packers' organization, led by head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson, has carefully evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Based on their analysis, they have determined the key positions that require attention in the draft.

Offensive Line:

The Packers prioritize the need to protect their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and create opportunities for the running game. They will be looking for promising offensive linemen who can provide stability and improve the overall performance of their offense.

Defensive Backs:

Another area of focus for the Packers is in strengthening their defensive backfield. A solid secondary is crucial in today's pass-oriented NFL, and the Packers aim to find talented defensive backs who can cover receivers effectively and contribute to their overall defensive scheme.

Potential First-Round Picks

The Packers currently possess a first-round draft pick, and there are several prospects who could be an excellent fit for their team. Let's take a closer look at some of the top players who might catch the Packers' attention:

Offensive Linemen:

  • Greg Robinson: Robinson is an athletic tackle known for his tremendous size and strength. He excels in run blocking and has the potential to develop into a dominant force in the NFL.
  • Taylor Lewan: Lewan is a versatile lineman who can play both tackle positions effectively. He has good technique and is known for his aggressive playing style.
  • Zack Martin: Martin is a well-rounded lineman with experience playing both tackle and guard positions. He is reliable and has good football intelligence.

Defensive Backs:

  • Justin Gilbert: Gilbert is an explosive cornerback with excellent speed and ball skills. He has the potential to become a shutdown corner in the NFL.
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: Clinton-Dix is a versatile safety capable of making big plays in coverage. He possesses good instincts and has the ability to contribute immediately.
  • Darqueze Dennard: Dennard is a physical cornerback known for his press coverage skills. He is a tenacious defender who can disrupt opposing receivers.

Draft Day Moves and Strategy

On draft day, the Packers' front office will be actively monitoring the draft board, keeping a close eye on the availability of their targeted players. They are known for their disciplined approach and willingness to make trades to secure the players they desire.

The Packers' draft strategy is not solely based on immediate needs but also includes looking for long-term prospects who can grow and contribute to the team's success over time. The organization values character and work ethic, seeking players who align with their team culture.


As the 2014 NFL Draft approaches, the Green Bay Packers are poised to make strategic selections to enhance their team's roster. With a focus on addressing key positions such as the offensive line and defensive backs, the Packers are determined to find talented players who can contribute immediately or develop into future stars.

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