6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Tech Edition

Nov 13, 2020

Welcome to the world of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Tech Edition, a unique twist on the popular game that connects technology influencers to the legendary actor himself. In this exciting version, we explore the connections and relationships between prominent figures in the tech industry and Kevin Bacon, illustrating the interconnectedness of this dynamic field. Roxanne Weber, VOA is proud to present this engaging concept while providing exceptional website development services in the realm of business and consumer services.

The Origins of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Before we unravel the tech edition, let's briefly delve into the origins of the game. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon was first conceived by a group of students at Albright College in Pennsylvania back in the late 1990s. The concept revolves around the theory that any actor in Hollywood can be linked to Kevin Bacon within six degrees of separation, through their co-stars and collaborators. This idea quickly gained popularity, and the game became a widespread phenomenon, even inspiring a charity organization founded by Bacon himself.

Exploring the Tech Edition

In the tech edition, we replace the actors with influential figures from the world of technology. By examining their professional relationships, partnerships, and collaborations, we uncover intriguing connections that highlight the impact and interconnectedness of the tech industry. From tech giants to innovative startups, these connections demonstrate how the industry thrives on collaboration and shared expertise.

The Rules of the Game

  1. Choose a Tech Influencer: Start by selecting a technology influencer as the starting point in your exploration. This can be anyone from renowned entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to pioneering programmers like Ada Lovelace or Linus Torvalds.
  2. Connect with Co-Influencers: Research and identify individuals who have collaborated or worked closely with your chosen tech influencer. These can be fellow entrepreneurs, investors, or industry experts who share common ground.
  3. Establish Key Links: Analyze the connections between the co-influencers and Kevin Bacon. Look for shared projects, investments, or any form of professional collaboration that brings them closer to the actor.
  4. Count the Degrees: The number of connections or degrees between your tech influencer and Kevin Bacon represents how closely linked they are. The goal is to find the shortest path to connect them within six degrees.

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Nov 11, 2023
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