Which Architectural Style Are You?

Mar 23, 2022


Welcome to the Koch Hazard Architectural Style Quiz! Are you curious to find out which architectural style resonates with your personality and preferences? Take our quiz and discover your architectural match! Whether you are a minimalist, a fan of historic architecture, or have a contemporary aesthetic, this quiz will guide you to the architectural style that suits you best. Let's delve into the world of architecture and uncover your style!

About Koch Hazard

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The Importance of Architectural Style

Architecture plays a significant role in defining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space. From residential homes, commercial buildings, to public structures, every architectural style has its unique characteristics and influences the overall ambiance. Identifying your architectural style can help you make informed decisions when it comes to designing or renovating your living or workspace.

Take the Quiz

Our Architectural Style Quiz is designed to provide you with an insightful analysis of your preferences and help you explore architectural styles that align with your tastes. The quiz consists of a series of questions that delve into various aspects of architectural design, from historical influences to contemporary trends.

Embrace the opportunity to discover your architectural affinity by answering the quiz questions honestly and intuitively. Each question has been carefully curated to evaluate your preferences and guide you towards the architectural style that resonates with you the most.


After completing the quiz, you will receive a personalized result that reveals your architectural style. Whether you are an admirer of sleek modernity, a lover of grandeur historic designs, or prefer the simplicity of minimalism, your result will provide valuable insights into your architectural interests.

Benefits of Identifying Your Architectural Style

Once you uncover your architectural style, you gain a wealth of benefits:

  • Design Inspiration: Understanding your architectural style helps you find inspiration for your own home or workspace design. You can explore projects and examples of your preferred style to gather ideas and lay the foundation for your dream space.
  • Functional Fit: Different architectural styles come with varying functionalities. By identifying your architectural style, you can ensure that your environment aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Whether you require an open layout, ample natural light, or specific spatial arrangements, your preferred style can accommodate your requirements.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Your architectural style is an expression of your personality. Knowing your style allows you to create a space that reflects your individuality and adds a personal touch to every corner. From color palettes to furniture choices, you can personalize your surroundings according to your style preferences.
  • Efficient Decision Making: When making renovation or remodeling decisions, having clarity on your architectural style helps you streamline the decision-making process. You can easily narrow down choices when it comes to materials, finishes, and overall design elements, making your design journey more efficient.


Architecture is an enthralling world that encompasses various styles, each with its allure and charm. Take the Koch Hazard Architectural Style Quiz now to uncover your architectural affinity. Embrace the beauty of design and let your architectural style shape your spaces. Roxanne Weber, VOA is here to guide you through your journey and provide exceptional website development services. Start the quiz and embark on an architectural adventure today!

Lissa Edwards
Fascinating quiz, can't wait!
Oct 14, 2023