The Year in Music Advocacy

Feb 5, 2018

Welcome to "The Year in Music Advocacy" page, brought to you by Roxanne Weber, VOA - a trusted name in website development services. In this article, we explore the influential role of music advocacy and its impact on society throughout the year. Join us as we delve into the significance of music advocacy and discover the remarkable work that is being done across the globe.

The Importance of Music Advocacy

Music advocacy plays a crucial role in promoting and preserving the significance of music in our society. It raises awareness about the value of music education, the impact it has on personal growth, and the positive effects it has on individuals and communities alike.

Through various initiatives, organizations, and passionate individuals, music advocacy strives to ensure that everyone has access to quality music education, regardless of their background or socio-economic status. It stands as a driving force in creating opportunities for aspiring musicians, fostering creativity, and empowering future generations.

Music Advocacy Events and Campaigns

Throughout the year, numerous events and campaigns take place to advocate for music and its importance. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable ones:

1. Music in Our Schools Month

March is widely recognized as "Music in Our Schools Month" (MIOSM) - an annual celebration that highlights the value of music education and the impact it has on students. MIOSM encourages schools, teachers, and communities to promote the benefits of music in academic and personal development.

It serves as a platform to showcase the achievements of music programs, organize concerts and performances, and advocate for well-rounded education that includes music as an essential component.

2. International Jazz Day

On April 30th, the world comes together to celebrate International Jazz Day. Started by UNESCO in collaboration with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, this annual event promotes jazz music as a universal language that promotes dialogue, unity, and peace.

With concerts, workshops, and educational programs taking place worldwide, International Jazz Day fosters cultural exchange, appreciation for jazz music, and encourages the next generation of jazz musicians.

3. Make Music Day

June 21st marks the global celebration of Make Music Day. Originating in France, this event has grown into an international movement that encourages people of all ages and skill levels to make music and share it with others.

Make Music Day brings communities together, creating an atmosphere of joy and creativity. It promotes the accessibility of music, encourages newcomers to explore their musical abilities, and showcases the transformative power of music in our lives.

The Impact of Music Advocacy

Music advocacy has a profound impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Here are some ways in which it creates positive change:

1. Academic Success

Studies have shown that students involved in music education tend to perform better academically. Music enhances cognitive skills, improves memory, promotes discipline, and fosters critical thinking. By advocating for music education, we can contribute to the overall academic success of students.

2. Social and Emotional Development

Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and connect people. Through music advocacy, we can support programs that help individuals build social skills, express themselves, and develop emotional intelligence. Music becomes a powerful tool for personal growth and a means of fostering empathy and understanding among individuals.

3. Community Engagement

Music advocacy initiatives bring communities together, enhancing social cohesion and creating a sense of belonging. Music events and programs provide opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to connect, share experiences, and collaborate. This sense of unity strengthens communities, breaks down barriers, and fosters a sense of pride.

4. Cultural Preservation

Music is deeply entwined with culture and heritage. Through music advocacy, we can contribute to preserving traditional music and promoting cultural diversity. By supporting initiatives that protect and celebrate various musical traditions, we ensure that our cultural heritage remains alive and vibrant for future generations.


Music advocacy is a powerful force that champions the importance of music education, fosters personal growth, and strengthens communities. Throughout the year, events and campaigns shed light on the transformative power of music, promoting its value to society.

Join Roxanne Weber, VOA, as we continue to advocate for music and its undeniable impact on individuals and society. Embrace the world of music advocacy and be part of a movement that nurtures creativity, breaks down barriers, and uplifts the human spirit.

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