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Dec 10, 2020

About Roxanne Weber, VOA

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Introduction to DGI Hydroforage Logo

The DGI Hydroforage Logo is a perfect example of Roxanne Weber's capabilities in collaboration with Lemonly Infographics. This project involved designing a logo for DGI Hydroforage, a well-established company in the agricultural industry.

The Challenge

DGI Hydroforage approached Roxanne Weber and Lemonly Infographics with a unique challenge. They needed a logo that would effectively represent their brand identity and values, while also showcasing their expertise in the agricultural sector. The logo had to be visually appealing, memorable, and convey the essence of their business.

The Solution

Roxanne Weber and her team conducted extensive research on the agricultural industry and gained a deep understanding of DGI Hydroforage's core values, target audience, and competitors. This research served as the foundation for the logo design process.

After brainstorming multiple ideas, the team at Roxanne Weber, in collaboration with Lemonly Infographics, came up with a concept that perfectly captured DGI Hydroforage's uniqueness. The logo incorporated elements inspired by nature, showcasing the company's commitment to sustainable practices and environmental consciousness.

The Design Process

With the concept in place, the team proceeded to the design phase. They crafted multiple iterations of the logo, refining and perfecting each version. Each design element was carefully chosen to align with DGI Hydroforage's mission and values.

The colors used in the logo were specifically selected to reflect the company's brand personality. The chosen color palette combined earthy tones with vibrant accents, evoking a sense of growth, reliability, and excitement.

The Result

After several rounds of revisions and feedback from DGI Hydroforage, Roxanne Weber and Lemonly Infographics successfully delivered a visually striking and highly effective logo. The final design encapsulated the essence of DGI Hydroforage's brand identity and instantly resonated with their target audience.


Roxanne Weber and her team are proud of their work on the DGI Hydroforage Logo. By combining their expertise in website development with the creative talent of Lemonly Infographics, they were able to create a logo that stands out in a competitive industry.

If you are looking for high-quality website development services or need assistance with creative design projects, reach out to Roxanne Weber, VOA today. With their commitment to excellence, Roxanne Weber and her team are ready to bring your vision to life.

Rachel Shope
Great job, Roxanne Weber! 👏 Your talent and innovation shine through in the DGI Hydroforage Logo.
Nov 11, 2023
Impressive design work! The DGI Hydroforage Logo showcases Roxanne Weber's talent and innovation perfectly.
Oct 8, 2023