Valentine's Traditions from Around the World Infographic

Oct 3, 2019

Welcome to Roxanne Weber! We are a leading provider of website development services in the Business and Consumer Services industry. Our mission is to help businesses establish a strong online presence and drive growth through effective digital solutions. In this blog post, we bring you an exciting infographic that explores the diverse Valentine's traditions from around the world. Let's dive in and discover how different countries celebrate this romantic day!

United States

In the United States, Valentine's Day is widely celebrated on February 14th. It is a day dedicated to expressing love and affection to romantic partners, family members, and friends. The most common traditions include exchanging Valentine's cards, gifting flowers, chocolates, and going out on romantic dinner dates.


Valentine's Day in Japan is unique, with a twist. On February 14th, it is customary for women to gift chocolates to men. However, there are different types of chocolates for different recipients. Giri-choco, or obligation chocolates, are given to male friends and coworkers, while Honmei-choco, or true feeling chocolates, are given to loved ones. Interestingly, a month later, on March 14th, Japan celebrates White Day, where men reciprocate by giving gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine's Day.

South Korea

In South Korea, Valentine's Day is celebrated a bit differently. Similar to Japan, women give chocolates to men on February 14th. However, they also celebrate Black Day on April 14th, where singles who did not receive any gifts on Valentine's Day come together to eat Jjajangmyeon, a noodle dish with black bean sauce. This unique tradition has become a symbol of solidarity among singles.


France, often regarded as the capital of love, has its own romantic customs on Valentine's Day. While exchanging cards, flowers, and chocolates is popular, one unique tradition stands out – the "loterie d'amour" or "drawing for love." Unmarried individuals would gather in houses facing each other and take turns calling out to one another, creating potential love connections. If a man wasn't satisfied with his match, he would leave the woman for another suitor. This lively and entertaining tradition added an element of excitement to the day of love.

South Africa

In South Africa, Valentine's Day holds a special meaning beyond romantic love. The day is an opportunity to show appreciation for loved ones and friends. People often wear red clothing to symbolize their hearts and exchange handwritten notes with love messages. Many couples also take the opportunity to get engaged or married on this day to celebrate their love in a grand way.


Valentine's Day, known as "Dia dos Namorados" in Brazil, is celebrated on June 12th. The day coincides with Saint Anthony's Day, the marriage saint. Couples exchange gifts and go out on romantic dates. It is also customary for unmarried women to perform rituals, such as writing the names of potential partners on pieces of paper and keeping them under their pillows, hoping for love to blossom.


In Germany, Valentine's Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and creativity. Couples exchange flowers, chocolates, and romantic gifts. But the Germans also have a peculiar tradition called "Schlüsselanhänger," meaning "love lock." Couples write their names on padlocks and attach them to bridges or fences, symbolizing their everlasting love and commitment. This act of locking their love brings a touch of charm to the day.


Valentine's Day is celebrated in various ways around the world, each country embracing unique traditions that reflect their culture and values. From gifting chocolates to performing rituals, love takes on different forms in diverse regions. At Roxanne Weber, we acknowledge and celebrate this diversity and aim to provide insightful content that helps you discover and appreciate the beauty of different cultures and their approach to love. We hope you enjoyed exploring these fascinating Valentine's traditions from around the world.

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