How (And Why) We Made A Lactation Room In The Office

Oct 13, 2021

At Roxanne Weber, VOA, we believe in creating a supportive and inclusive work environment for all our employees. Recognizing the importance of supporting working mothers, we made the decision to create a dedicated lactation room in our office. In this blog post, we will share the story behind the creation of our lactation room and discuss why we believe it is vital to provide a comfortable and private space for breastfeeding and pumping.

Supporting Working Mothers

We understand the challenges that working mothers face, especially when it comes to balancing work responsibilities with the needs of their newborns. As a business in the consumer services industry, we prioritize the well-being of our employees and aim to create an environment that encourages work-life balance.

By establishing a lactation room, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting working mothers and their decision to breastfeed their infants. This dedicated space allows them to continue providing the best nutrition for their babies while being able to return to work without compromising their breastfeeding journey.

The Benefits of a Lactation Room

Creating a lactation room brings numerous benefits to our employees and our business. It fosters a supportive culture and helps attract and retain talented individuals who value a family-friendly work environment. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Employee Well-being: Providing a private and comfortable space for breastfeeding and pumping helps reduce stress and promotes the overall well-being of our employees.
  • Increased Productivity: By offering a space where employees can pump breast milk efficiently, we ensure that they can return to work reenergized and focused, boosting productivity levels.
  • Retention and Recruitment: Our lactation room sets us apart as an employer who understands and supports the needs of working mothers, making us an attractive choice for top talent.
  • Health Benefits: Breast milk provides essential nutrients and antibodies for infants, promoting their healthy growth and development. By supporting breastfeeding, we contribute to the long-term health of our employees' children.

The Creation Process

Making the lactation room a reality required careful planning, design, and implementation. We took several key steps to ensure the success of this project:

  1. Research and Design: We conducted extensive research to understand the specific requirements for a functional and comfortable lactation room. Working with experts, we designed a space that meets all necessary health, safety, and privacy standards.
  2. Collaboration with Employees: We value the input and feedback of our employees. Before finalizing the lactation room design, we sought the opinions and suggestions of our working mothers to ensure it met their unique needs.
  3. Installation of Essential Amenities: The lactation room features comfortable seating, a refrigerator for storing breast milk, a sink for handwashing, and a power outlet for breast pumps. We paid attention to every detail to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for our employees.
  4. Education and Information: We conducted training sessions to raise awareness among our employees about the importance of breastfeeding, the benefits of the lactation room, and how to utilize this resource effectively.


At Roxanne Weber, VOA, we understand the importance of supporting our working mothers and creating a workplace that values their family commitments. The lactation room in our office symbolizes our dedication to providing a supportive work environment for all our employees. By offering a comfortable and private space for breastfeeding and pumping, we empower our working mothers to continue their breastfeeding journey while pursuing their professional goals.

If you want to learn more about our commitment to supporting our employees, feel free to explore the rest of our website or contact us directly.

King Tom
This is great! It's essential to create a supportive workplace for working mothers. Kudos!
Nov 12, 2023