Our SLICE of Summer: Lemonly 2022 Internship Recap

Apr 1, 2018

Welcome to the Roxanne Weber, VOA blog, where we are thrilled to share with you our exciting journey through the Lemonly 2022 internship program. This recap will give you an inside look at the incredible opportunities and experiences our interns had during their time with us.

Business and Consumer Services - Website Development

As a leading provider of business and consumer services, specializing in website development, Roxanne Weber, VOA believes in nurturing young talent through internship programs. Our collaboration with Lemonly for the summer of 2022 was a remarkable success, as both our interns and our team grew and learned together.

Internship Program Overview

The Lemonly 2022 internship program aimed to give aspiring and passionate individuals a chance to gain hands-on experience in the field of website development. We carefully selected a group of talented interns who were eager to learn, grow, and contribute to our projects.

Throughout the program, our interns were exposed to real-world projects, working alongside our experienced developers and designers. This environment allowed them to apply their knowledge and skills while also learning new techniques and technologies.

The Roxanne Weber, VOA Difference

What sets Roxanne Weber, VOA apart from other companies is our dedication to nurturing talent and providing a supportive learning environment. We understand that interns are an integral part of our team and encourage their active participation in all aspects of our website development projects.

Our interns were given meaningful tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to make a valuable contribution while building their professional portfolios. They worked on a range of projects, from creating engaging user interfaces to optimizing website performance and implementing SEO strategies.

Valuable Experiences and Skill Development

During the Lemonly 2022 internship program, our interns had the opportunity to gain valuable experiences and develop essential skills that are crucial for a successful career in website development.

1. Technical Skills

Through hands-on assignments and practical training, our interns enhanced their technical skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various web development frameworks. They gained proficiency in coding practices, responsive design, debugging, and version control systems.

2. Collaboration and Communication

Working in a team environment is a vital aspect of any profession, and our interns learned how to effectively collaborate with other developers, designers, and project managers. They sharpened their communication skills, both verbal and written, ensuring effective exchange of ideas and seamless project execution.

3. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Website development often involves complex problem-solving situations, and our interns were exposed to various challenges that allowed them to enhance their critical thinking skills. They learned to analyze requirements, identify issues, and propose creative and efficient solutions.

4. Project Management

Understanding project management methodologies and tools is crucial for successful website development. Our interns had the opportunity to work on projects from start to finish, gaining hands-on experience in agile methodologies, task management, and effective time management.

Overall, the Lemonly 2022 internship program at Roxanne Weber, VOA provided our interns with a well-rounded experience that empowered them to pursue their career goals with confidence. We are proud to have been a part of their professional journey and look forward to their future success.


At Roxanne Weber, VOA, we recognize the importance of investing in young talent, and our partnership with Lemonly for the 2022 internship program exemplifies our commitment to fostering growth and development in the field of website development. By providing valuable experiences, comprehensive training, and an inclusive environment, we are proud to have contributed to the success of the interns who joined us.

For more information about our business and consumer services, particularly in website development, feel free to explore our website. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting opportunities in the future!

David Byrne
I enjoyed reading about the Lemonly 2022 internship program. It's inspiring to see how the interns grew during their time with the company. Keep up the great work!
Nov 11, 2023
Andrew Jurczyk
Great read! 🍋🌞 Loved seeing the interns' journey unfold.
Oct 14, 2023